Wednesday, April 11, 2007

first blog post

Here are some postcards that I made recently. I love them because the "canvas" is small enough you don't mind doing a lot of "work" and because I can use my Bejeweler! My friends say I need an intervention!


Judy said...

Love your "Cups & Lumps"...very ingenious, and also love your postcards! I hope you don't have an are doing just great just the way you are! I left Mass in 1970....probably before you were born.


Vivika Hansen DeNegre said...

Hi Kathleen,

LOVE the postcards - very original and beautiful thread work in the meadow scene


JenPen said...

You are so talented. I absolutely LOVE your quilts, especially the pink one with the circles and the blue one with the vases and plates.
they are gorgeous!

Peggy McGeary said...

You love what you do. The Murphy Bags are wonderful& you site looks great. I too have been sewing all my life, having started in middle school & the 4H club. So many years ago! Now I quilt & belong to 2 quilts groups in NJ & NY.& recently started a web site to sell fabrics & related supplies.
My site struggle to get the site to look good, but it's new & I am still leaning. My best for the new year.