Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My guild is doing a journal exhibit at our show in March of 2008. We are doing six each. I chose to do each member of my family - 4 kids, my husband and myself :)
This is my daughter Paige, she just turned eight. She is the third daughter and she is doll! I always say I would have "100 Paige's" She is sweet, easy going, smart and kind. This is a picture of her ski boarding at her cousin's house in NH. She was having a blast! I bejeweled it with iridescent jewels.


Sarah said...

I enjoyed visiting your blog - you have very beautiful work!

Nikki said...

Hi, I'm a fellow new quiltart member. I love the quilts you have done of your kids. They must love seeing them. I also have three girls then a boy -- mine are just on the younger side. I get so excited when I hear of another quilter with a larger family.

I look forward to seeing the rest of your family quilted.

Roberta Ranney said...

Hi Kathleen, I'm another QuiltArt list member and I wanted to let you know that I visited your site and am impressed with your work. Like Nikki I particularly like the quilts you have done with your children's pictures.

Keep up the good work!

Vivika Hansen DeNegre said...

Hi-This is an interesting journal quilt. I like the high contrast of the snow, suit and board, as well as the way you captured her smile and personality. You would like Susan Carlson's work and her book, "Freestyle Quilts". Thanks for letting the QA list know about your posts!n Vivika