Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Jillian's Journal Quilt

This is my third journal quilt (for my quilt guilds show as a special exhibit - only guild members are participating) and it is my daughter Jillian, she will be 14 tomorrow 8/29! She is an awesome kid. Not only is she tall (5'8") and beautiful but she is a great student and athlete. She is currently trying out for JV soccer and she will no doubt make the team:) She is into fashion and photography and I am totally supporting her dream to become a stylist, I would love that job.

There were challenges to this little quilt, mainly that when I did some stitching on the hair it made the face fabric pucker. I used stabilizer but maybe not the right kind? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I put a couple of layers of batting under just the face and then a whole layer for the quilt, almost like trapunto.
The nose was a challenge, I ended up drawing it on. It has some stitching holes from a nose I tried on, but they actually accentuate the line so they can stay. I made the eyes and mouth. I will add a necklace with beads or crystals.

My goal is to make each of my kids and my husband and myself (during the month of that family members birthday - so far, so good.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kathleen,
I love Jill's portrait. You did a beautiful job! Can't wait to see it in person. The bag is awesome- your background fabric made your hand dyes pop. Love it.