Monday, August 27, 2007

new bag for me

I made a bag with my pattern from Robbi Joy Eklow's class in Lowell, MA ~ LOVE her quilts and her book! I used my hand dyed fabrics for the spirals and gears. It sure is hard to take the first cut into those pieces of fabric. I would have made it into a wall hanging but I thought it would be a fun bag. Isn't it happy looking? I was thinking about making it for someone else but I am going to keep it for me, I like it.

The end of the bag is funky - adds some curiosity :)

I did a lot of experimental quilting on this bag. There are tiny little circles to quilt. I am still practicing on my Aurora 440 using the BSR. I have been free motion quilting for 10 years so it is a little tricky to get used to, but I do love the even stitches. I prettied it up with crystals of course. This pattern lends it self very well to adding crystals, but I didn't want to be tacky :)


Amy said...

Fantastic bag. I enjoyed a lecture from Robbi a few months ago. A bit scatter, but she sure can tell a good story.

Elizabeth in NM said...

What a great bag! I took Robbi's vase class in March, and bought the spirals and gears pattern to do someday--I have so many quilts, so I love the idea of a bag. Well done.


Beautiful bag.. I love Robbi's stuff. I have her book and look forward to her ramblings in QA Magazine each time it comes out... Keep up the great work. Lx