Wednesday, November 26, 2008

somethings fishy

After going to Houston I had a few weeks home and then I was lucky enough to go to Hyannis (Cape Cod) MA for three days with my quilt guild. We stayed at the Cape Codder and it was awesome. I roomed with Gail, Annie and June and we had a blast. There were 51 woman in the ballroom, all working on various quilting projects. Most of those projects were being made for other people. Quilters are such generous people. The weekend is filled with laughter! One reason for this was the serendipity of finding a joke shop in downtown Hyannis where we bought a remote controlled fart machine. I know it sounds immature....but seriously it was the best money I ever spent (the four of us chipped in $5 each). We hid it in scrap boxes and peoples project boxes and let the magic happen! We laughed all weekend. It really was the funniest thing. It's still funny...
Below is the quilt that I finished while at the cape. I bought the pattern in 1995 and my husband made the blocks in 1996. He wanted to try quilting so he came down to my sewing room a few times and worked on this. He traced every piece of the pattern (12 blocks total) and cut them out. He chose all the fabric - he did an excellent job considering the choices I had for fabrics then ! He was able to get 5 blocks ready for applique. I don't know what happened but we never went back to finish the blocks. I felt a little guilty leaving again so soon after Houston and it was his birthday on Sunday (the day I was due home from the cape) so I snuck the blocks out of the house and finished it for him! I was a little worried that he would be disappointed that I finished it for him. He was thrilled! He said it was the nicest quilt I had ever made. I really felt rushed to finish it because I hadn't planned on working on this during the get a way weekend. I had plans to finish my brown and jade bed quilt and to start my next art quilt.

This is it's new home. I thought he would want to hang it in his office by he wanted to enjoy it (and he can show it off when someone comes over). I hung it in the front hall. I also hung my Slice House Quilt in a new spot. When I took it down from over the mantel I filled the open spot with art work and more plates. I like the new spot because it isn't in sunlight but it seems a little cramped.

I am really looking forward to this weekend ~ it's my 25 class reunion. I have only been in touch with a few people from high school so this will be really fun to see everyone. I have been in touch with a few friends recently on facebook. That has been fun and if you don't have a facebook I suggest you get one. You are never too old to reconnect with friends and family.


Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Your quilts look great in the hallway. I really like that color of paint! Sounds like you have been having way too much fun, Mom!

Cathy said...

I think it's an interesting coincidence that you made Kevin's quilt with five fish, and I currently have five cats in residence (three are "just visiting")...they would really prefer fish for Thanksgiving dinner. Unfortunately (for them) their humans are traditionalists for this holiday.

I'm glad I took a break from kitchen time to check Blogger! Have a terrific holiday and weekend.

Rhonda said...

When quilters get together there's always going to be fun and laughter. I'm from a group of 9 ladies. For our Halloween retreat, we wore buldging eye glasses. It was very funny.
Take care.

Judy Alexander said...

Love your fish! You must be having a white Christmas in your area!