Sunday, February 15, 2009

Blue Willow underway

The quilt I have been working on is the second in a series. I made the first one "Jade Willow" last year for my bedroom. I had planned on making this quilt first and I have been collecting the perfect fabrics for a few years. The inspiration for this quilt series came from my collection of blue and white plates that are hung on the dining room wall. I like to collect pieces with blue willow theme and also commemorative plates. My first pieces came from my Grandmother ~ Ruth Gordon Glavin aka Vava. She had been to Copenhagen and brought back some pretty little (3") blue and white plates. You can see the plates from her in the center of the wall. She was a great lady.
Below is the section with most of the Blue Willow pieces. I love the lid and the candle holder best.
I am making the quilt to go under the glass of the dining room table. We eat here often because the island only has four seats.
I am at the point that I should iron on the fused pieces and begin appliqueing them. I need to clean off my ironing surface and then get Kevin to help me carefully move there. I am a little anxious about the white background for obvious reasons. I am planning to put the quilt under the glass on my dining room table.

Below is a detailed shot of the focal point in the quilt, the willow tree.
Another detail shot - I loved choosing the fabrics for this quilt. I tried not to duplicate - however there are few places where I did.
This is one of my favorite parts of the quilt, I had been keeping this piece of variegated blue fabric for some special reason and I think I found the perfect place for it. I haven't decided how I am going to handle the circles yet. When I am done, I will post a photo of it:)
My quilts are on display at the Charlton Sewing Center until 3/1/09. If you haven't been to this shop it's a must! The shop is in a former church;high ceilings, lots of light, beautiful stained glass windows. The owner Cathy Racine is a terrific lady. The last time I was there, everyone shopping was offered hot cider or coffee. Cathy will often play the organ for visitors to the shop. I don't want it to sound like a religious experience because it isn't at all ~

There is a reception on 2/22/09 from 1-3. If you live in the area, come say hi!

I am a guest blogger this week on quilting bloggers. I am giving away a Murphy Bag to someone who leaves a comment until 12:00 am on 2/20/09. I would like you to tell me your most recent Random Act of Kindness. The one I like best will get the bag in the photo below. The bag has lots of pockets, it's machine quilted and has lots of Swarovski crystals on it.


Judy said...

Oh I love what you are doing with your Blue Willow quilt! I also have a few lovely Blue Willow pieces that my folks brought back from a trip to Copenhagen.
Your Murphy Bag is adorable! I think my most recent random act of kindness was holding open a door for a person who was wheelchair bound. Since my Mom now spends her days in a wheelchair, and I am the person who takes her shopping and to the Drs, I know what a challenge it can be getting in and out of doors that are not handicap accessible...and there are many more than we realize!


Finishing Lines by K.Sperino said...

The quilt is lookng great. I love the long leaves with the textured edges. See you Thurs!

devils-lab said...

I've just been admiring your Jade Willow and Fall quilts over at Quilting Gallery, and now your Blue Willow quilt here. How wonderful!
Recent random act of kindness... I think it was when I was driving home one day and I passed a crossing guard outside the local school on a 40'C day. When I got home I grabbed an icy pole form the freezer and headed back to the school. The surprised guard (a volunteer) would have been in his 60s, but he still appreciated his ice lolly!

Terry said...

Your quilt is going to be beautiful! And I love that bag! My most recent random act of kindness was sending sewing supplies and quilt blocks to help those in Australia who lost their homes to the bush fires. Such a terrible tragedy! :0/

Shannon Menninger said...

I love the house quilt! I was so impressed with it that I took a picture so that my sisters and I can do one similar of my parents' house! You definitely deserve the recognition for your art! My most recent act of kindness was when I was at the grocery store and the lady in front of me couldn't afford all of her groceries. I paid teh difference for her so she didn't have to go without anything. It's not much, but in this economy we never know when that little bit could save us!

norma said...

Hi Kathleen, I love your blue and white collection. My whole house is mainly decorated in blue and white in one form or another. I have a collection of blue and white teapots, displayed on top of my kitchen cupboards. I think I have run out of room. I also have a lot of blue and white dishes. Your quilt is beautiful!
My act of kindness was in Joanne's. I was buying a half yard of cheap felt and was going to use my 40% off coupon. The woman ahead of me was buying 2 1/2 yards of $15 a yard fabric. I asked her if she had a coupon. She did not so I gave her mine. She was so grateful and surprised.

ferne said...

the detail you put into your work! This Murphy bag looks like it is a real handy size and would have many uses. I found you throug Quilt Gallery and have enjoyed my visit to your blog.

ferne said...

I forgot to tell you my most recent acts of kindness in my post...I called a girlfriend whoes husband left her and let her use my shoulder for as long as she needed and made sure she knew it was still available if she should need it more.

Jackie Davis said...

Ahh, the Blues!!! Such a great combo! Very nice! I liked your guest blogger post and came over here to see your blog. Very nice stuff! I'm new to quilting and have a graphic design background too. I'm hoping the two can get along, heehee.

Thanks again for your contributions to the quilting community!

Ginny said...

I love the Murphy bag it is beautiful! I am also a purse maker and give them away on my blog, (does that count as a RAK?) gosh, we could be sisters! I enjoyed reading your post as a mystery blogger, isn't that fun! My post will be up tomorrow, I wrote about what inspires me...
I also thing the idea of a quilt under the glass top on your table is the neatest idea I have ever heard, do you mind if I borrow it?
Anyhow, please enter me into your drawing, it would be cool if I won someone elses purse for change, expecially since tomorrow is aslo my daughters birthday!


Quiltah said...

Your quilt are awesome...Love your studio, what a great workspace.

Sandra said...

Interesting guest blogging. Congrats on the Houston win. I also did a slice quilt project-one's shown on my blog.
RAK-lots of small ones: sharing smiles and being patient and kind to others. Little steps that go along way.

Kathleen McKenna Murphy said...

Thank you all for your posts! Your comments have me motivated to finish the blue willow quilt ASAP! Your Random Acts of Kindness are all great, and I am so happy you are doing it:) The winner of the Murphy Bag is Shannon Menninger! Congratulations! Send me your mailing address to my email address and I will put it in the mail on Monday. Thanks again everyone:)