Monday, July 06, 2009

piano and purses

Paige had her Piano Recital in the middle of June and it was amazing...She can play so beautifully, I just can't begin to understand how she reads the music and plays the notes. Bravo Paige!
Below is a new Murphy Bag I made you can see it for sale at my etsy shop. It was fun to pull the fabrics for this and the quilting is that teardrop shape I like so much.
This is the quilt the kids in Paige's class made for the teacher. They each made one of the stars in a fabric that was hand dyed. The center is a panel from keepsake. They study the Solar System in fourth grade so she will be able to display this in her classroom as a learning tool. I quilted it on my new Bernina quilting frame. I finally had a chance to treat it with a flame retardant. We had so much rain I never had a long enough period to spray it and let it dry.
These are three bags I made recently, I sold the two on the top of the photo. I love them both and was happy to sell them both to friends:)

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