Sunday, October 25, 2009

Houston IQF 2009 part one

I had a fabulous time in Houston. The Festival Director Karey Bresenhan, and her staff, are doing a wonderful job of bringing over 50,000 people together to share in a common interest and have a blast while doing it! If you want to see all the winners from the show and a whole bunch of other cool stuff go here and click on the winners button on the left side of the page. I took awesome classes and went to a terrific machine quilting forum. I met lots of cool people and had a nice little break from being the mother of four.

This quilt is called My Quilt Room by YASUKO ITO and Oharibako of CHIBA CITY, CHIBA REF, JAPAN and it is one of my favorites!!!

The Japanese do unbelievable work! They are extremely clever with fabric (much of which I consider ugly) Their quilts are just amazing...This one is a group quilt of their sewing rooms. They won second place in the group category.
This is such a clever way to join their blocks!!! Little slippers attach the blocks and you can see through the quilt...
Another group quilt I loved (of course because I grew up in Melrose and live in MA) is this one of Fenway cool - they got third place in the category.
The details of the Fenway Park quilt are below...

My friends and travel buddies...Terri, Tammy, me, and June. Missing from this picture is Sue and Elaine. My friend (and roommate last year) Cathy took this shot. We were having A drink at the hotel and had a super time catching up. I saw lots of friends I met last cool to see them again. I think it safe to say that we had a great time together. I brought 5 friends along this year. A couple had been to market years ago but none had ever been to festival. June was the perfect roommate:)

I donated this quilt to the IQA auction and I was thrilled to see the bid sheet (posted below with the names spray painted out) That made me feel good:)


Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Awesome quilts...and what a great bid on your quilt!

shiborigirl said...

yes, the Japanese do have a way with fabric! Did you see the Russian exhibit? How about the techniques used to create the water fountain?
Glad you enjoyed Houston- QUilts Inc sure does know how to put on a show!

lizap said...

Looks like a great time! Thanks so much for sharing pictures. I love the detail in that Japanese quilt -- amazing.

Jeanne said...

Good photo's - love the 3D of the Japanese quilt. They do such wonderful detail and seem to spend years on their quilts. I think I have to go to Houston next year!
What a satisfying bid on your auction quilt. Nice job of the piece. Wish I could have seen it in person.