Friday, October 02, 2009

Live and Let Live

I was pulling the morning glory off the railing this morning. The stuff has been a bit if a nightmare. I threw a packet of seeds along the sunny side of my house a few years ago and now it's everywhere. I let it go this year but it needs to be eradicated next spring. Anyway while doing that this morning I found this. Luckily I thought to look in this little batch of cozy leaves.
I rested in my bowl of heart shaped rocks (I have been collecting since the summer I lived on Martha's Vinyard - 1985) to take some photos.

Isn't the design on it's back beautiful??
It has legs like a crab...
I think it may be dead because it hasn't moved. I was very gentle with the leaves so I don't think I killed it. I used to be really afraid of spiders, not so anymore. My friend Paul Knapik told me it's good to have lots of bugs and stuff, it means your environment is healthy.

I took this picture last week, so I have been having some good luck with spiders.
My latest Murphy Bag - I got this cool buckle at the Franklin Mill...It sold the day I made it. To my hair stylist - Linda.
8 pockets in two different colors, helps with the organization of your life.
I had fun quilting curls and I added a welt around the top and Swarovski crystals of course!

PS it's Show and Tell Friday...I just found this blog amylouwhoquilts this evening after posting this today...I hope to blog and Show and Tell every Friday!


Rene' said...

Beautiful bag. Thanks for sharing. I just discovered Sew and Tell Friday too. Unfortunately, my link did not work. If you want to check mine out go to Thanks.

Leslie said...

fun bag!!! i love your bowl of heart shaped rocks, minus the spider part!!! i found a heart shaped rock while on vacation this summer..

Dee said...

Okay...the heart shaped rock was cool...and I usually don't mind spiders...but Holy Cow! LOL
The bag is too cute and all those pockets! You should design a diaper bag...moms will love you!

amylouwho said...

Really nice! I love the outside fabric and your quilting, wow!

Glad you found us!

Leslie - she sews and scraps said...

Love your blog and that spider is pretty even though I don't like spiders!

I have several heart shaped rocks too :) love them!