Saturday, January 02, 2010

Christmas 2009 final post

I made these stockings about 14 years ago. I was new to quilting and bought all the fabric at once. I had just learned how to crazy piece from a Carol Doak workshop. The cuffs are black velvet. The buttons are very special to me, they were from a box of buttons I got from my Grandmother Vava after her death. They have little music boxes in the toe that play a little Christmas tune. They are really a bit small and impracticable for stuffing but they make a nice decoration.

We had the McKenna Family Christmas party here and as usual it was delightful. Below is a picture of Paige and her cousin Molly. Molly is my brother John's oldest daughter. They are so close and it is such a special thing to see them together.

Here is a great shot of Morgan and Griffin taken during our annual family picture taking session in front of the tree.
A super shot of Kevin with Morgan and Jillian.
Here is one of the best shots of the kids. We didn't send out a Christmas card this year, I just didn't have my act together. I think with all of my relatives and so many of my friends on facebook there isn't the need like there used to be. I sent out 25 Christmas fiber postcards to family and old friends.
Here is another one of those great kits from grabngokits from my friend and fellow guild member Michelle Civetti. I made this one for the bus driver. She picks up and drops off 4 kids on three different buses 5 days a week. She is a quilter and she loved it:)
I love the details that Michelle adds to each kit. The snow flake buttons were just the right addition. I hadn't done hand blanket stitch in a long time and it took me a while to get the hang of a consistent sized stitch.
I added a candle that was called sparkling snow, it smelled so pretty.


quiltcetera said...

Happy New Year Kathleen!
What good news that you have finish the stockings, they turned out beautifully! I really love buttons, I'm trying to incorporate them into my projects more often. You have a beautiful family! I often think that Christmas is the perfect time for getting family photos, if you get everyone together at the same time!
I LOVE the little wool kit you made! I agree about the snowflakes, they added a nice touch.


Kathleen McKenna Murphy said...

Thanks Bradie! I bet taking your family photo is tricky. We watched 18 kids and counting the other day and they were getting a photo done for people magazine. It was stressful to watch.
I have big box of old buttons, I need to put them to good use.