Friday, January 08, 2010

Postcards made for soldiers and Christmas 2009

I love to take a picture on Christmas Eve after Santa comes.

Here is our annual Family picture taken at the Murphy Family party. We had a great time and loved seeing everyone. I don't love this picture of myself but it is great of everyone else. I should have fixed my hair:)

Here is a picture of my SIL Pat, her daughter Jennifer, Morgan, Paige and Natalie, Pat's granddaughter. We all loved holding her. Here are some postcards made by Griffin's 3rd grade class. His teacher's husband is serving in Iraq until June. The did the sewing around the edge, the embellishment and the message.
I bought the fabric, timtex, and stamped backs from my friend $hari written that way because she was the guilds treasurer.
The messages were thoughtful and sometimes funny. Some were quite poinenet, like "I hope you don't die" ~ the teacher read them with me before they wrote on them. We got a kick out of so many of them. Below is a lovely example.

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