Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Things that are broken and beautiful

Here is a place I spend a lot of time each day....the kitchen sink. I have some things on the window sill that I like to look at. The window treatment has Swarovski crystals on it:) The view out the window is always changing.

The little box with drawers is full of little things that need a home, one drawer is full of pins and needles, one full of feathers I have found over the last 2 years. The two little bowls on the left are gifts from my friend Susan (Stitch is her nickname) , they were her mothers. When she passed away, Stitch gave them to me because she knows how I love Blue and White porcelain. Below is a glass jar full of broken china. Some from my collection, some found while gardening (I love the idea that woman used chuck their broken things out the back door.) There are also glass marbles, lucky pennies, pieces of a beautiful candy dish that was my grandmothers and some shells from a special trip to the ocean.

This little treasure was a birthday gift from my friend Stitch. She made it for me:) I brought the journal quilts I made up from the basement and hung them here in the kitchen. They fill this little wall space perfectly.


Finishing Lines by K.Sperino said...

oh I love that vase of treasure. I remember it was on your dining room buffet (in your old house) when I met you with Sharon. That was a long time ago... and a lot more treasure has been added. :)

Sandra Ludwig said...

Transforming these broken scraps into a charming decoration is so creative of you, Kathleen! The window treatment you used just complements to the whole set up. Good job! =)