Friday, February 19, 2010

Secret Valentine 2010

My guild has a Secret Valentine Swap every year and it is one of my favorite meetings. We pick the name of a guild member and send her some goodies for Valentines Day. It is amazing how much work women will do for someone else. Below is part of the gift I gave to my SV. She happens to be a nurse in my pediatricians office so she is extra special to me.

This is a pencil roll. I filled it with colored pencils. I found examples on and Thanks ladies for sharing your work and ideas! 


I also gave her a journal I purchased from when she lectured at my guild. 
I hope she fills it pictures of her quilts or sketches of her ideas...I also gave her some fabric and a few chocolates.

Here is is rolled up. I braided yarn for the tie. I added some heart charms to the tassels.