Monday, March 29, 2010

another commissioned bag

I made this bag for fellow artist/quilter. I love making a bag specifically for someone. She said something like "just make me something - you know what I like."I knew she liked this fabric so I started there. I did some hand dyeing with her so I knew she was fond of that. I had fun laying out the design.

I especially like the pea green fabric. I hadn't added crystals when I photographed it but I have since.

I fussy cut a lot of the fabric but I paid special attention to the handles. I wanted them to blend with the top of the bag. Mission accomplished.

I was very careful piecing so that the sides look nice and clean.

I used hand dyed fabric inside too. It was bright but it makes it so easy to find stuff, it's like a built in light. I made one pocket a bit shorter to accommodate the cell phone.