Wednesday, March 10, 2010

paying forward in the quilting world

Paige made a quilt for the Quilt Show! Her first time machine quilting. She did really well and I think she liked it:) She may be a future quilter. It is a gift for someone. Hopefully she will come to the show and see the description tag that tells the good news!
Here she is sewing the binding, the glass top table was helpful for her to work on.
This is one of those things that happens that you say, "that was meant to be"....While visiting Worcester State with Morgan (she was accepted into their nursing program) we went up to the Nursing Dept. and met the lovely office manager Cindy. She was so helpful and nice to us. We had an impromptu tour and bumped into my quilting get a way roommate Annie who is graduating from the program. When we explained to Cindy that we were quilting friends she told me about her quilting experience. She and a group of military moms made a quilt to be raffled to raise money to for a guide dog to be purchased for an injured soldier. She told me that she had started this table runner along with the same group of ladies but missed the last class and didn't know how to finish it. I told her I would be happy to finish it for her. This was her first quilt. I love that pay it forward stuff!!!!

I have had this lovely stash of fabric from South Africa for a while now and I need to do something with it. It was a gift from my neighbors who are from South Africa - now American citizens. Amanda's mom was visiting from SA and came over to visit and check out my quilts. She was so thoughtful to send me these lovely fabrics. The fabrics were so stiff ~ they were treated with a starch to make them look nice. After washing they are as soft as any other piece of cotton. I think I might make something patriotic with them:)
They all have these cool markings on them.


Sue Bleiweiss said...

Paige's quilt is too cool! and I'm loving those fabrics from South Africa.

SandyQuilts said...

Nice quilt and congrats. Welcome to the quilting world.