Thursday, May 06, 2010

recycling quilts

The final piece of my jacket...recycled into a cute little bag. I made the coat and hated the fit so I cut it up into four bags total. There is still one small piece left, maybe for a postcard.
I love the fabric on the inside ~ such a pretty color combination.
Below are some shots of Morgan taken by her friend and classmate William Lukas He did a phenomenol job. The photos capture Morgan and have an artistic flair. They are going to be her senior pictures that she hands out to her friends. She is off to Northeastern in the fall. She was accepted into their nursing program. She is an incredible person and will make an awesome nurse.
This one is her favorite:)
This one is my favorite:)


imquilternity said...

You are so clever to "recycle" your jacket into gorgeous bags. Morgan is quite the lovely young lady!

Jaye said...

I love the recycling idea as well! I don't know why I didn't think of that! I also love the color combination of the inside fabric. Thanks for sharing.