Thursday, May 20, 2010

landcape plan quilt

This is a quilt I am so happy to have started. I sketched it out a few years ago. I was an Art Major in college and my concentration was Interior Design. I loved planning the interior and exterior spaces on paper. I knew the idea would translate well with fabric. I plan to make a series of these. It would be great to make them for people using their actual home plans.
I bought the hand dyed pool fabric from Vicki Welsh in her etsy shop. It is perfect.

I used my new very cool ruler from Sue Pelland Designs to create the perennial garden bed! It is a brilliant ruler that allows you to cut leaves and curves. I have been collecting the perfect fabrics for this quilt for a few years.

Here is where some of my inspiration for this quilt comes garden. I have a clematis that is in bloom and my friend Sue gave me two more last week. She was giving them up because she is putting an addition on her home to add a beautiful new studio.
This little guy was chowing on something this morning on our stone wall.
Our grasses are looking great.
This is our nature-made bird bath. I think it's the mineral content of the rock that turned it red. The birds love it and I love watching them.
I am crazy about hosta's - this color in particular.
We have been in this house for 6 years and the plants in front are finally filling in = less mulching!
We had rain last night and everything was just sparkling today.
I put some perennials in my boxes on the deck a few years ago and they are finally making it all worth it.
I also put some hosta's in my urns out front and they add a nice texture to it.


Vicki W said...

What a great idea to make quilts from landscape plans! I am going to have to get some of those rulers for sure. Thanks so much for the link too!

Sue Bleiweiss said...

can't wait to see that quilt in person. The clematis came in great!

Finishing Lines by K.Sperino said...

the quilt is coming out great- love the shades of green. beautiful plants!