Friday, July 30, 2010

early fiber arts

I am having a friend research the genealogy of my family and my husbands. She took a course at Boston University. I have a box with lots of things kept by my grandmother Ruth Gordon Glavin.

This is an original copy of her parents wedding invitation from 1905!
Here they are with their extended family....

This is a picture of my grandmother and grandfather on the honeymoon cruise!

Included in the things my grandmother kept was a Godey Lady's Book and Magazine dated is full of instructions, stories, and artwork.

an example of the gorgeous prints in the book.

Directions to make a sweet little bag to keep your "work" in...
There are even a few pages in color...
there are pages and pages of various stitches and embellishments for clothing, etc. Check out this chatelaine!

These are photos of my paternal grandfathers mother over the years...She had red hair like my two oldest daughters.


imquilternity said...

Congratulations and good luck in your search! My parents did the same thing and I have the records that go very, very far back in time. Almost unbelievable what they uncovered. Have fun.

Jaye said...

What a treasure to have! I have always wanted to look through some Godey's Ladies Books, but have never hauled myself over to Berkeley to do it. Great photos! Thanks for sharing.