Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the good news is it's done!

I started quilting my self portrait (first attempt at portrait painting with Tsukineko inks in Patt Blairs class in Houston 2009) yesterday (Monday) and finished it today. I was thrilled with how it was turning out until I started quilting the background...It was a flesh colored fabric and I was using a Raspberry Aurifil 50 thread. It looked awful anywhere that I had to double back on my quilting. There were too many spots to take it out and I had already ripped stitches.
I decided to use the inks I used to paint the portrait. I mixed a whole bunch of colors on my journey to hide the stitches. I am not so happy with the results but I learned from it! I finished it today...quilting, facing, crystals! The border fabric is a hand dyed piece from Christine Fries, love it.
I very stupidly tried to add some more lash after it was quilted...I should have left them alone.

the facing came out nice and square...I cut the back piece 1/8" smaller than the front so it was nice and tight when I turned it.
I used two threads on the face both flesh toned. I am still not sure about my BSR for my Bernina, I think I need to bring it in for an update.
The coat was fun, it was really a quilted jacket. the hair was easy and fun to do.
I will attempt to paint faces again, I have a quilt planned but I will be careful how I quilt.


Terri Stegmiller said...

I think you did a marvelous job with it and find it hard to believe this is your first attempt.

MARIKA said...

Very wonderful work ,I like this very much work, it would be necessary to rehearse myself.
I hope so I dare to start it