Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tutorial -making bags have a flat bottom

I made this bag using up scraps from other projects. One of my favorite parts of making the bag is selecting the fabrics.

I have been asked how I do the corners in my bags so I thought I would show you here.

After I have sewn the front and back of the bag together I clip the corner. I line the side seam up with the bottom seam making sure that the corner is perfectly lined up at the top. I ensure that the seams are perfect by inserting a pin in through both seams and make any adjustments necessary. This is the most important part of the process.

Once the two seams are lined up I pin it making sure I go through both layers. I use any ruler that has a 45 degree angle. I line the 45 degree angle up with the edge of the bag and the straight line up with the seam and I mark - sometimes I use a pin on each side and sometimes I use a marking pen. For a medium sized bag 13"w x 10h" I will mark the corners about 5" across.

I only do this process one time...I will use this first corner as my measurement to do all the other corners. Once your corner looks like this you are ready to sew!

I sew a line from pin to pin, I know that my line isn't perfect but you will see in the end that isn't important.

I use my finished corner to mark the other corner for the out side and the lining. I do this because I think you get better accuracy and am lazy:)

Here is the finished corner! Pretty neat huh? I never trim the corner until I check to make sure it's straight, etc. (long story too sad to tell here). Once you have checked then go ahead and trim off the corner to a 1/4".


Karen said...

Thanks for this! Such a good way to make sure both sides are the same. Amazing how sometimes somthing so simple can be so troublesome!! You laid it out very clearly.

Jaye said...

I know you must think I am a big slacker after making you do all that work, but I was out of town. Great directions! Along with the FB info, I feel a lot more confident. Thanks for taking the time!