Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Iraqi Bundles of Love continues!

I was psyched to read that IBOL (Iraqi Bundles of Love) is happening again. It's an opportunity for woman all over the world to send a package of sewing supplies to a woman in Iraq to help her make a living. You can read all about it here and you can leave a message here to obtain the address to send a bundle of your own. The brains behind this effort is a guy named Art La Flamme. He is in the Army and was serving in Iraq when the idea was born. It was a huge success! I love going through my things that I have too much of and giving it to someone who could really use it. The Iraqi's love green.

I had bought these satins for bags but I haven't used it in two years so it probably wouldn't happen.
I had some OK scissors, packages of bias tape and elastic and few zippers...
I had about a dozen spools of thread for my serger. I have only used black and white for the last 5 years...
Here is the finished bundle...I am off to the post office to mail it out. I encourage you to check out this effort and participate if you can, it's a great feeling.

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