Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Massachusetts Landmarks raffle quilt

I volunteered to head up my guilds raffle quilt. I asked members to take a picture of a Massachusetts landmark and replicate it in fabric. I chose the Paul Revere House. I grew up in Boston and remember visiting as a kid on a school field trip. 
It will have about 20 landmarks and the quilt will be about 50" x 50" when it's finished.

This is the photo I used. I added the tree (which is there in real life) because the block was to blah without some green! I love the windows, so beautiful.

I needed to create a shadow on the left side of the house so I used my tsukenenko inks and a brush. I taped off the line and painted slowly and carefully.
isn't this "bleed"cool?
I have to make the finials under the overhang. I am going to use some water soluable stabilizer and my hoop to create them. Mistyfuse was recommended if fusible was needed. It is so much thinner that layering won't be an issue when it's quilted.
Here is a detail of the brick I made. I used the fabric below to start and added detail with black, white, brown and orange tsukenenko inks.
I think this quilt is going to be awesome when it's done...I hope you all will  buy a ticket:)


marie said...

Let us know when the tickets are available! I would love a MA landmark quilt!

Alice said...


Sue Bleiweiss said...

great block!

Jennifer said...

you are so talented, can't wait to see the finished quilt

Jaye said...

Very impressive. I have a bunch of Tsukineko inks and have never learned to use them. Its on my list. I wonder if beads would work for the finials?