Tuesday, November 23, 2010

the sketchbook project part 2 - the results

I am participating in the sketchbookproject.com and have just about finished my sketchbook.
My friends helped me put it together. Sue Bleiweiss is a bookmaker and had all the supplies and knowledge I needed. My friend Kathy Sperino helped with design choices. I used only my hand dyed fabric and specifically my scrap pieces of hand dyed fabric. You can see the original posting here.
I set no rules just to do it and be satisfied when it was done!
Here are the first couple I did. I jotted down what techniques I used at the bottom of the page.
I wanted to practice my piecing and my color theories.

I practiced quilting too.

The piece on the right below is the last one I did. It's a long story how it got to be so fancy....this was about experimentation after all.
Here it is open all the way.
I used my leaves galore template to cut the fringe to allow for the button. That is the best tool!

Sue had a box full of awesome buttons and this one was just perfect! She also gave me the circle shapes that are appliqued on the outside of the book. They added great texture to the cover.
I am looking forward to sending it in and I hope whoever checks it out of the Brooklyn Art Library 
(or any of the other places it will be on exhibit) enjoys it!


Claudine Intner said...

LOVE IT! It will definitely stand out! I am especially fond of the cover.

Terri Stegmiller said...

Looks fabulous. I'd love to have the opportunity to flip through those pages and take it all in.

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Your sketchbook project is glorious! I am a little concerned about it complying to the rules: must stay within original dimension, no ties...sure would hate for it to get DQ'd after all your hard work!