Monday, December 06, 2010

Christmas Holiday Tour 2010

A really good friend of mine asked if we would put our house on the annual Holiday House Tour that benefits our little library .... I made new stockings just for the occasion~they have been on the list of things to make for a glad they are done! 
Don't you love the Barbie stocking holders?? I didn't use a pattern...just cut out the shape I liked. I did use my leaves galore template to cut the toes and heals.

 This is Griffins stocking. I used leftover trim form drapery jobs to embellish each one but I loved this polka dot cuff for his.
This is my stocking and Kevin's is in the background.

This is one of the center pieces Mendon Greenhouse provided for the Holiday House was absolutely gorgeous. I had polished my silver tray earlier in the day and it was perfect.
Look at the colors...I requested apple green and blue for the dining room.
A friend ended up buying two of the arrangements the next day and we kept a fabulous swag they made for the front door. 

I made new drapes for the dining room-that was on the list too:)
When I bought the fabric on the top I only got 10 yards....not enough. I found the plaid companion and trim at the Franklin Mill Store. Margaret the owner helped me out ~ love her.
This little tree has all the old ornaments from my in-laws, step-mother and some hand crafted made by a friend.
I put little gold butterflies throughout the tree...adds a little whimsy.
I lit the candles in the chandelier over the kitchen island...hard to see in the photo but it added a nice touch.

The living room is one of my favorite places to sit and read. I put my Murphy Bags on a book shelf and sold a few during the tour~that was nice.
The tour was successful for the library and for us, the house is clean, decorated and presents are wrapped. We can really relax and enjoy the season. Happy Holidays to all of you!


Anonymous said...

Kathleen, the house looks gorgeous!Nice job. I have such a talented sister in law. xo


Sue Pelland said...

Dear Kathleen, So sorry I had to miss the house tour, but thanks for sharing it with me in the virtual world! Love your photos, your stockings, and the new dining room drapes. So much prettier than just the toile alone, love those happy accidents! You are amazing, and I love that you are all ready for the holidays. Congratulations and nice work helping out the library. Love ya!