Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Handmade Christmas Gifts and a new type of Murphy Bag

I made some holiday hand towels as Christmas gifts for some friends this year. I bought nice plain white towels and added fabric and the white brush trim. I embellished with ribbons and swarovski crystals.
I used a decorative stitch on the towels too, have to justify the need for them right?
I wasn't sure about the Swarovski crystals on the front but I usually use the back of the hand towel to dry my hands and I am guessing others do too.
I am making a new type of Murphy Bag ~ it's a ice/heat bag. I made them using my batik scraps. I used batting and quilted them. The batting retains the heat nicely and creates a moist heat.
I have had  some hand pain lately and I thought this would be a good size for my sewing friends. It's also a nice size for your eyes if you have a headache.
 I plan to make them for my etsy shop ... hopefully they will be available for purchase soon!

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Jolanda said...

Very beautiful colors and fabrics!