Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011 goal - a bag a day!

My goal of making a Murphy Bag everyday this year is going well so far!
This bag is for Jane my client in FL...we customize each bag via a blog I set up that she can look at options and make's working out nicely.
I love adding little details to my bags...
plenty of pockets!

During one of my guilds Get A Ways I made this wallet with the help of my friend Sharon M. It's a brilliant design that I think she may write a pattern for, I will let you know if she does.
It has tons of credit card holders, pockets and a nice big zippered section for change, etc. I was making it for my daughter Jill (17) so she chose the fabrics! Then decided it was bigger than she needed so I took it! I may make a new one is fabrics I like but for now it's an awesome wallet.
Sharon was a huge help! She walked me through the process and had lots of good tips!

I made another large tote bag...I have to make this for myself. I quilted it on my Bernina 440 QE using my Bernina quilting was so quick and easy I will do that again!
28" long x 15" tall x 8" wide - great for travel, trip to the mall or the beach...I know you are thinking it will get dirty...throw it in the washing machine! Seriously it will look great and the crystals won't fall off, I promise:)

There a re 12 pockets and a zipper closure for safe travels.
A welt at the top of the bag adds some body to I get to add another fabric to the bag!

This is the coordinating bag to go with the tote. I made them both for Linda my hair stylist - bartering again:)
I used this great sky fabric that goes from dark to medium blue with a hint of clouds for the handle.

I listed this Raspberry and Black Murphy Bag in my etsy using up small pieces from my stash to create a unique colorful bag.
It has a zipper, an adjustable handle in two funky fabrics and 8 pockets!

Now it's time to get ready for the Pat's VS. Jets game this afternoon....


Vicki W said...

Great bags! Although I don't root for either team I am looking forward to a great game. But I expect Brady to walk it all the way to a Super Bowl victory. I think he's unbeatable this year.

SandyQuilts said...

Great wallet. I'm waiting to see if there's a tutorial. Thanks

Lonci said...

I like your bags, They are nice:)