Sunday, January 02, 2011

It's all good from here

It's all good here...Morgans home after her first wonderfully successful semester in the Nursing program at Northeastern, Jill has been getting acceptance letters from Colleges (as of today she is planning on going to UMaine @ Oreno), Paige played a solo at her school's Christmas concert (linked below) and Griffin had his room painted and redecorated finally! Now I need to start working on his quilt.
Paige (11) playing The Little Drummer Boy at her school's Christmas concert.

This is a commissioned Murphy Bag for my friends Mother-in-law for Christmas. It's a large tote ~ 26"L x 8W" x 15"T. Great for travel, beach, shopping, etc.

I happened to have this cool green zipper~I like to make the zipper this way because it maximizes your ability to open and fill it as much as possible.
Aren't these fabrics fun? I love the Amy Butler fabric - it's one of her originals. Franklin Mill still has it in stock:) I had fun fussy cutting the fabrics (the geometric on top and the dot welting)
This coat rack from anthropologie has come in very handy...

There are 10 pockets in two different fabrics to help keep it organized. Notice how the zipper folds down out of the way.
I free-motion quilted it and added Swarovski crystals...of course.

Happy New Year everyone ~ I hope for all of you to find time to do what you love!



Lonci said...

Happy New Year!
Beautifull, congratulations:)

Jaye said...

Great details! I love the way you do the zipper and your brief explanation made that technique clear to me. I have always wondered why people do it that way. Thanks!

I have been taking notes for the "perfect bag" and would love to talk with you about it sometime. Perhaps a collaboration?

MARIKA said...

very good bag quite a lot of pockets I like it
Happy New Year with much affection .