Thursday, January 20, 2011

Massachusetts Landmark Raffle Quilt in progress

I have been making more ice/heat Murphy Bags ~ love the whole process from picking out the fabrics to selecting a quilting design. I've been filling them with rice because it allows them to be very flexible. I have been writing the heating instructions on the back with a fabric pen. When I figured that out I wanted to push the "that was easy" button. Feedback about them has been good so far, I know I enjoy the one I made for me:) You can see them for sale in my etsy shop.

Below is a laptop bag I made for my nephew Tyler, he's a Fashion Design major (check out the tape measure fabric I used on the strap).

Here are the blocks for the Massachusetts Landmark Raffle Quilt we are making for our guild. The blocks are amazing!!! There are three pieces of paper used for filler blocks. We have one outstanding, hope she finishes soon:)

We got together last week to decide on how to handle the background. We decided on a blended look with 1 1/2" squares in lots of different blues and greens. 

These are from my stash, funky but  they'll work perfectly.

I used this technique  on my Slice House quilt and it was a fabulous way to finish the picture.  On the quilt below I sewed strips together and cut them at varying widths, the eye naturally blends the colors, so cool.

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Vicki W said...

That is going to be a spectacular quilt and I love your idea of the blending squares for the sashing. It's perfect!

dióhéj said...

Beautiful work! I'm impressed.

Karen S said...

The blocks are wonderful and I love the squares for blending. So clever and truly beautiful.