Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the sketchbook challenge - Highly Prized 2

I'm still loving the sketchbook challenge! Below are some pages done between  1/5/11 and 1/11/11 using the theme Highly Prized.Thinking about the theme has been helpful in asking yourself what is Highly Prized to you and then can you draw it?

I'm using my fish and tackle box from college.  These are the supplies I will use throughout the year. The tubes of watercolors are 20 + years old...isn't it nice that art supplies and fabric keep for a while? My goal for this sketchbook is to get to know these mediums again. None of these are wonderful but I am learning something with each sketch!


I wrote about the purpose of this sketch directly on the's nice to make notations of what you are attempting to achieve on some pages.  Once I knew the colors I was able to create a playful Jacobean design...I will finish coloring it in another time...

I "collaged" using Oprah and Sports Illustrated magazines and rubber cement. In college we used magazine paper to replicate famous paintings,that's how I learned to do it with fiber. 

I quickly sketched a water glass and then later in the day found this eye. This sketch is a work in progress, I would like to add more to the page. This is good for a mom of four...leave something for later:)

I painted the watercolor first and then added the city scape and tree. I used to love to draw trees when I was a kid.

You can still participate if you haven't yet...if you are leave me a comment to your blog, I would love to see what you are sketching!



Sue Bleiweiss said...

these are all awesome Kathleen. Love the last one especially. I am growing quite fond of drawing trees too.

Elizabeth said...

You are really charging ahead. I need to get back to it! Beautiful works here- You ahve inspired me to get out the pencils again!!!!

How much snow did you get??? It missed us completely much to my daughter's dismay!!!!