Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More Murphy Bag Totes...

More new bags ! I'm still maintaining my goal to make one Murphy Bag a day (or so). This bag is for my Aunt Aggie, if you know me you know how special she is to me. She helped me design this tote bag for her as her Christmas gift during her last visit.

13" tall x 22" long by 8" wide with 2 25" handles 

I originally made this MBT (Murphy Bag Tote) for a friend from High School who is getting married. I was given the fabric and loved how romantic it was.

11" tall x14" long x 6" wide with 1 25" handle

I took this to give you an idea of how big it is...nice and roomy!

but there was something about it I didn't love for  her, so that bag is for sale and I made her this bag instead....She loved it ans so did the attendants at the shower...it was passed from table to table and lots of cards were handed out. The fabric is denim with a velvet damask pattern, so soft and so cool. 

12" tall x 18" long x 6" wide with 2 25" handles

I used a piece of my hand dyed fabric for the lining and some more fun fabrics that were gifted to me:)