Tuesday, March 15, 2011

First Impression revealed

I am part of an online art quilt challenge group Fiberactions. The theme word this month is Impression. This was my first quilt for the challenge and I wanted to make a good first impression.
I used the word to interpret a view I see every day, my backyard. I challenged myself to piece every bit of it. About an hour into piecing the trees I said "I could have used Mistyfuse and been done by now!" but I wanted to see if I could do the math and make it work.

I used a combination of my hand dyed fabrics for the sky, batiks for the trees and a funky commercial fabric for the binding.

Below is a photo I took after the quilt was done to show you what I was trying to capture.


Jolanda said...

Beautiful! You got the challenge and sure made a good impression:)

Carol G said...

Fabulous!!! You exceeded your challenge.

imquilternity said...

Wow....it's absolutely gorgeous! I love the colors and fabrics you used.

Judy said...

BINGO! I think you captured it perfectly Kathleen!