Monday, April 11, 2011

spring, blossoms and quilt shows!

Spring in Boston...what a beautiful thing! I took these pictures in the Public Gardens. We were lucky enough to go to a Red Sox vs. Yankees game last night and watched the Sox win 4-0!

I recently watched Good Will Hunting and noticed there is a scene in it that looks exactly like this photo. I hope to make a quilt inspired by this photo.

I love the twisted order of this tree...
The Machine Quilters Expo is happening this week in Providence...there's a special exhibit Pretty as a Picture and I entered my self portrait done in a Patt Blair's class using tsukineko ink . The show is fabulous and the vendors are the best! If you click on the link you'll find all the details and you'll see two of my quilts in the slide-show...pretty cool.

I'll be teaching quilting classes beginning in the fall at the Franklin Mill. The first class will be  this pattern by Amy Bradley called Quilt Diva, you can see all of her clever patterns here. Everyone will make their own version of themselves... I changed the pattern to suit me and so will the students in the class. The quilt is on display there with a sign up sheet if you are interested. You can call the store and have your name added to the I'm interested list. I loved making this quilt. There are lots of my personal interests incorporated into it.


Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

I am looking forward to seeing the quilt made from that scene in the Public Gardens!

Deb H said...

OMG Kathleen, I saw you at the show! & hadn't realized it was you!
Your complextion is much smoother in real life!

It was great fun meetng you Tuesday.

Jaye said...

That weeping willow is gorgeous! I love it.