Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Murphy Knitting Bag

My blogging friend Judy asked me to make a Murphy Knitting Bag and I suggested she send me some of her gorgeous hand dyed fabric. I loved the fabric and enjoyed designing her bag around it.

She sent me a yard of painted canvas which I used for the exterior and a yard of painted cotton for the lining and handles. The canvas quilted very nicely.

There are 3 pockets with invisible magnets for her round needles and 6 narrow pockets for her straight needles inside the bag and 4 pockets of varying sizes on the outside.

It was great to make a bag, it had been a while (so much for the bag a day!)
I've been busy with dance recitals and all the great activities that come along with having a daughter graduating high school in a few weeks. Here she is ready for her prom a few days ago....



Leslie McNeil of MarveLes Art Studios said...

Your daughter -- so beautiful; the classic dress certainly graces her, letting her beauty shine through. Loved the entire show; thanks for sharing.

Judy said...

Oh I love, love, love my bag....but it's beauty doesn't hold a candle to that of your amazing daughter! She is gorgeous! Enjoy this wonderful time in your lives together.
Can't wait for my bag to arrive! Thank you so very much for making it for me. And I'm so glad that the canvas worked out and wasn't a pain for you to work with.


diane said...

Hi, Kathleen --

My friend, Judy, told me about her new knitting bag -- it looks completely fabulous and I'm green with envy. So. . . the question is would you make another one like hers if I supply the fabric? I'm also a dyer but I'll need to produce some cloth for the project -- Judy mentioned a yard of muslin and a light-weight canvass, right? Thanks and yes, your daughter looks gorgeous!


Vicki W said...

The bag turned out great! I LOVE your daughter's dress - it's my favorite of the group!

Lonci said...

Beautiful bag,i love the color combination:)

Kathleen McKenna Murphy said...

Thanks everyone for the nice comments about Jill and the bag:)

Diane~I would love to make you a bag too! You can email me @ quiltsomuch@aol.com. A yard and a half of each would be better if possible.

denver co accident lawyer said...

The bag is wonderful and your daughter is stunningly gorgeous. :)