Monday, June 13, 2011

Gardens Growing

 I took the camera out to the garden about a week ago and took some shots of all the blooming going on.

my blended clematis'...I had one and a friend gave me one last year...

My peonies...I only get three blossoms every year....if you have any suggestions for me to get more blossoms, please leave a comment :)

Love the purple iris' behind the chartreuse hosta...which has now been eaten buy the deer :(

Every spring I am amazed that the patch this patch of dirt in the yard blooms into such a delightful patchwork of color and texture!


Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous photos in my fav color combos!!! I think that your peoney may not be getting enough sun! It really makes a huge difference with these particular plants. They really really want full sun!!
We had sucha hot spell that my iris only lasted a day and my Clematis was past very very quickly!!!

verobirdie said...

Beautiful garden and beautiful pictures!