Sunday, July 24, 2011

dividing my time

I've been working on some new Murphy Bags!

I bought that funky buckle on etsy, so cool! This bag is a messenger/shoulder bag. It has an adjustable strap for flexibility.

We rearrainged the deck so the bench now faces the photo below

I've been trying to make it a habit to come out and sit for a little bit whenever I can. I love to be in my studio but I don't want to miss these beautiful days!

My potted plants are loving this shady corner.

Check out the morning glory taking over the side yard...I planted a little packet of seeds next to the house about 4 years ago and it has spread like crazy...we have eradicated the worst of it but I thought it was cool covering this weedy slope.


Judy said...

ALL of those bags are so yummy! and I do love that buckle! My Murphy knitting bag is the greatest! I use it everyday and continue to receive compliments on it....of course I refer my buddies to your blog! I am thinking that one in black and white wild fabrics with a black/white buckle would be quite awesome!....maybe for winter?????


Leslie McNeil of MarveLes Art Studios said...

Love the funky buckle! Your bags... I adore! I really dig the choice of fabrics and colors!

Lisa said...

I love those colorful bags of yours. You creatively made them.

Lisa from Learn Bass Guitar Online

imquilternity said...

Your bags are really gorgeous. You do have such a great eye for combining fabrics!

I love the view from your beautiful deck. I could sit out there for hours. Is there a nice cool breeze?