Thursday, July 07, 2011

summer 2011 styles

My most recent Murphy Bag, I love these fabrics...

Here is Jill the day of her graduation party, I love that Maxi dresses are in style!

Here a are a few shots from Jillian's graduation party. Below is a table we set up on the porch to display some of her High School accomplishments.

The black boxes are a gift from me. They are filled with all of her athletic certificates, dance recital booklets, report cards, medical forms, birth certificate, memorable school work from pre K and up, and even the winning ball from a field hockey playoff game against Uxbridge (her old school mates) where Jill scored the winning goal in overtime 1-0! It's laid out on the quilt she started at 14 and I finished for her to take to college.

We had a lot of family travel long distances to be here and it was awesome to see them. We also loved seeing local friends and family, it was a great time!


Jaye said...

Love the fabrics used in the bag. Also, the black boxes are a great idea!

quilthexle said...

Lovely bag, yes, I would love to carry that one with me in summer time! And congrats to an awesome daughter, you must be very proud of her.