Saturday, August 06, 2011

Petite Murphy Bags

I've been making these petite Murphy Bags 6" x 5" - just big enough to hold your phone, cash, plastic and lip gloss. I have had fun designing each one using only scraps (waste not, want not). It's feels good to use up all of these luscious fabrics. 

 The strap is 57" long so you can wear it messenger style, over the shoulder or like a necklace.

My 19 year old daughter asked me to make her an ice/heat therapy Murphy Bag to take back to school with her. They are petite too, like her.

I made her two so she'll can always have a cold one ready....

Did you know they can be used as a wrist rest for your laptop or mouse, too...even better, warm it up and then use it :) 

I have been able to spend more time in the studio during the summer than ever before. I started quilting in 1993 and have been raising 4 kids for the last 19 years. This summer the kids are finally old enough to keep themselves busy...I'm not wishing them away but I'm am thankful for some more time to create.


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Wonderful colors,i love this:))

Jolanda said...

Your new little bags are soooo gorgeours! I love the fabrics.