Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Winging It part II

I made some more blocks for my butterfly quilt Winging It. I made 7 total and have 5 left to make. I love choosing the fabrics. Each one is a different batik with 4 of my hand dyed fabrics and some purchased hand dyed. I used a coloring book to get the outside shape and then designed the inside however I wanted to.

I was going to use black thread for all of the stitching but changed and used an accrue to match the background fabric. I used Mistyfuse - this project wouldn't be possible with out it! I am making such tiny cuts. Also I have had to move them around and with mistyfuse I can pull it apart (I do it when it's cool to the touch) and reposition. To applique them down I'm doing a tiny zig-zag stitch free motion so I don't have to stabilize! I don't like to stabilize. I did stabilize this pink block but not the blue one below. There is a bit more puckering but I can live with it - I'll quilt it out ;)

I'm trying to decide about the middle. You can see in the first photo I have some orange slices cut from a great batik. The problem is they can't all be the same size because of the different butterfly wings. I'll take a photo and show you, I would love some feed back.

I'll be vending at the United Parish Holiday Family Bazaar on December 3 2011 10 - 3 at the United Parish, Route 140, Upton, MA. It's the first time doing this event and it's my 46 birthday! I've been making these little cosmetic Murphy Bags  ($15 - $35) and some ipad/tablet cases.

I love this pink one, the fabric is for Breast Cancer Awareness. 

Happy Thanksgiving!


Jolanda said...

Where do I start? All your butterflies are gorgeous! And all are a different kind! Your fabrics are lovely. And your little cosmetic bags...cute! Can't wait to see more.

Crooked Gulley Art Quilts - Mary Couch said...

The butterflies are just simply sensational. Wow!
Hugs from Mary

Connie Rose said...

Your butterflies are fabulous. And I LOVE your bags!