Thursday, January 05, 2012

Sketchbook Project 2012

 I finished my sketchbook! I'm participating in the sketchbook project 2012 again this year. I chose the them Stitches and Folds. These little quilts are quick sketches I did with fabric and a rotary cutter. I stitched them with lots of quilting and folded it. It sounds simpler than it was :)

 I made the outside of the book in two different sketchin sessions at Sue Bleiweiss's studio. One part was made using silk, shaving cream, dyes, stamps and inks. The front section with the feather was using silk, thermofax silkscreen prints with acrylic paints.

I ended up using a sturdy grograin ribbon to keep it closed. I stitched it to the center of the book. 

The book can be looked at multiple ways. I think it's fun. You can stretch it long or look at each page individually.

I used hand dyed fabrics and batiks, my palette of choice lately. I used Aurifil Black Wool #12 for the satin stitching along the edge. It was perfect and I think it will hold up well. 

I tried to use several different stitches and I changed threads a lot!

The finished book has to be less than 1" so I had to cut one landscape section off but I'll use it for something else. I think I made it!

You can see my friend Kathy's beautiful sketchbook here. I'll be sending it off to the Brooklyn Art Library where it will be on display and then tour around the country. Last year 28,000 people sent in a sketchbook, I wonder how many will be this year?


Nancy Trottier said...

This is so wonderful! But the guidelines say you can't have anything hanging on the outside of the book, like your tie. Have you talked with them about this? Thank you for sharing! I am still working on mine.

Carys Haf Roberts said...

These are Gorgeous!!

Vicki W said...

It's great! I love it!

Gina said...

This is beautiful! I'm still brainstorming on my sketchbook - enjoying the challenge. If you can't include the tie perhaps just placing some heavy books on your sketchbook for a week or two will eliminate the need to tie it closed?

Kathleen McKenna Murphy said...

thanks for all the nice comments on my sketchbook! I know it said to try to avoid ties. I posted about the book today on facebook and the art house coop facebook commented and linked it on their page. I'm hoping that that's an indication that it's OK :)

Nishi Chauhan said...