Friday, February 10, 2012

Consciously Quilting

16" x 12"

I made a quilt for the The House Quilt Project founded by Jamie Fingal. The quilts are hung in homes built for Wounded Warriors. What a privilege it was! 

 I loved digging into my fabrics to find just the right fabric for each element.

These two quilts made from his shirts are for a new widow. She had given away a lot of his things but she had enough to make two lap quilts. We included all of his pockets. 

This one is made from all cotton knit shirts and his light blue cotton bathrobe. She wanted this one for their summer home on the cape. I used a lighthouse fabric on the back. 

While I was working on these projects I tried to stay conscious of who they were for, and what they would mean to someone else. It's satisfying work. 

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