Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fiberactions Monochromatic Challenge

Our Fiberactions Challenge this month was to create a monochromatic quilt. I knew instantly I wanted to tackle a photograph. The hardest part of the quilt was what photo to choose. 

Monochromatic Memories 20" x 17" Machine Pieced, appliqued and quilted

I chose this one of me and my two oldest daughters. I chose it for the shading on the faces. Honestly that was it! The other two kids have mentioned they should be in the picture.....I reminded them that I made small journal quilts of all four kids a few years ago. 

I changed the original photo to sepia and intensified the brightness in Picasa  I printed it out on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. That is how small it is! The finished quilt is 20w x 17h. The border fabric was the perfect color brown and the wood frame made it look even more like tromp l'oeil. 

I used an Elmers white ink pen (from Michael's) for the spots on the eyes and my earrings. There are some really tiny pieces. I used Mistyfuse so layering was not an issue. I try not to stack pieces but to make it more like a puzzle with a scant overlap. 

I used a piece of flesh-colored tulle to secure all the pieces I had fused down. That made quilting it a joy. 
I had to buy most of the thread and fabrics for this quilt. If you read my blog, you know I like color and rarely use neutrals. 

It was a challenge and I see things that I will do better next time. I loved doing it and I'll definitely be doing more photo replication of people. 
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Gina said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing the close-ups, showing us how the details have created such a great 'photo'!

quilthexle said...

WOW! This quilt is a gem! Thanks for sharing about the process - I learnt a lot. Had to grin when I read that you had to buy lots of new fabrics ... the result is worth every single penny you spent ;-))

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Kathleen. Beautiful piece. Faces have got to be the toughest to get right. I like your selection of neutrals as well. Also enjoyed your video of what quilters say--a hoot!
best, nadia