Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Birthday Decorating

We did a little redecorating last weekend for our almost 13 year old. The bubble gum pink walls had to go and a makeover was what she wanted. I love the color she picked Benjamin Moore -  Jamaican Aqua. We have to find a lampshade and I'll be making some window treatments. I bought an extra duvet cover and I'll use that for fabric for them. I'm going to let her paint a few canvases using the wall color and some acrylics to make some art for the walls.

 It's not as neat as I would like it (stuff on the desk has since been organized in a clear Lucite organizer) and it doesn't look like this anymore...

We also did a little outside decorating. I made my annual Mother's Day trip to get some flowers for my pots. The birds nest is not real...but the silver tray is. It was the perfect size for that planter. You can see a bit of my heart shaped rock collection.

I bought a new cushion for the bench, and I filled the table with some luscious hanging plants.

I've been sewing too, I made this little cell phone case for a friend. It hooks on to your belt loop and it has two exterior pockets. I need to make more, especially one for me!


Judy said...

Ahhhh, there's nothing like early summer in MA!!! I can almost smell the sweetness in the air as I look at your flower photos! Your daughter's room looks great! Lucky girl!!!
I need one of those cell phone keepers! Truly, I do! I lost my iPhone a few weeks ago while walking my dogs early in the morning! We need to talk! Let me know how much fabric you need, and I'll get busy dyeing!


SusanM said...

Aqua is my all time favorite color. I LOVE the color your daughter chose. I may have to buy a can myself!