Thursday, September 13, 2012

New pages from my journal

I have loved the online journaling class with Melanie Testa @ The Clever Guild! She is a great teacher; helpful and inspiring. It's been awesome to draw and paint again. My journal is filling up with pages that will some day be transformed into fiber renditions.
This is my perennial garden. I sat outside and drew it, it was a beautiful day and I chatted with a few of my kids while I drew. 
This page started with the yellow stamp in the top left corner. The magazine paper was the inspiration after that!
I used a pattern I love for this landscape. I used magazine paper for the islands.
not my favorite page, I'll keep working it....
I started with the sketch of a recently closed church. It's got beautiful architecture. 
I'm no where near done with the detail on the fence....
I decided to try to paint my kids using a photo from the first rainy day of school. I know they look like zombies but it was 8 AM :) I had some trouble with the paint...

I had started this page with the large blue overlapping bubbles and then added the kids. I used a stencil and some Smooch paints to fill in some of the circles. It was the perfect applicator for curves. 

I'm enjoying practicing in my journal and I hope I've inspired you to pick up a pencil and paper.

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Jeannie said...

Kathleen, you know that I love your pages, but the church page is new to me. Gorgeous!!! That is underlined by the way! I really like the scroll/ribbon across the page. It would make a beautiful design for a stamp, stencil, quilting design, you name it. I loved Melly's class and you were a bright spot in it. I hope to join you in more at the Clever Guild! Have fun.